BP Accident – Facts and Figures

A different perspective on some facts and figures relating to BP’s recent fire/oil-spill and similar events that weren’t BP related:

11:  The number of people killed in accident on oil-rig leased by BP.

15,000+: The number of people killed in accident at Bhopal plant owned by American company Union Carbide.

4: The number of presidential vists (so far) to sites affected by accident at BP.

0: the number of presidential visits to site of Union Carbide accident.

$1.6bn: Spent so far on BP clean-up operations.

Bhopal: No clean-up.

$20bn: Compensation fund established within 2 months by BP.

$470m: Compensation paid since Bhopal accident 20 years ago.

$45m: Compensation paid out by oil firm Trafigura to 30,000 victims of dumped toxic waste in Ivory Coast after a 4 year legal battle.

$7bn: Compensation paid out to families of 9/11 victims.

$2.6bn: Dividend from BP, cancelled through political and public pressure.

$1bn: Dividend paid out by Transocean, owners and operators of the ‘BP’ rig, approved one  month after the accident.


The information in this post was sourced, extracted and reproduced in good faith from Private Eye issue: 1265

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